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Art Domain

Show  your creativity in a dot art domain at GoDaddy. 
A dot art domain  is  the place for artists and galleries  to exhibit their work and make a name for themselves. This domain name is fairly new so there’s many web addresses to pick from.

A customized web address opens new doors for artists in various industries. This is a great choice for those looking to  get more exposure  or sell work of others.

Why a dot art domain?

First, it is simple and easy for prospective customers to remember. Compared to a dot com site which is generic, a dot art lets others know what you do. A good idea  is to use your name or an art adjective before your dot art domain. Plus, art is a popular search keyword, so that means your site can earn a higher rank in Google’s results.

Don’t want to change your current domain name for your site? No worries, you can keep it and use it GoDaddy. All you need to do is purchase a dot art version and direct it to your site. Now you have another way to get more traffic. This will lead to more visitors  to your site. Something else you can do is use your purchased  dot art domain to direct visitors to a blog or store  in your site.

Get ready to create your site and head to GoCentral. Pick  from many design templates and ecommerce tools to bring your site alive.

Design a site that showcase  your art without having to code. Select from already designed styles, colors and sections to meet your needs. Add your own images of your work or choose  from free images to decorate your site. If you forgot to add important content you can do so via your mobile device.

GoCentral Online gives you the ability to accept many payments options. And your eStore is formatted for phenomenal viewing from any device and anywhere your visitors access it from.

Customize according to your artistic vision to bring shoppers in. Make sure to capture the best images of your art and describe in detail for a great customer shopping experience. Make sure to link to your main site’s blog or Facebook page to share your latest art exhibitions or artwork for sell.

A dot art domain will keep  the burden off your shoulders and help run your art business smoothly. Schedule exhibitions tours, accept payments for art pieces sold and reach a new audience.

Your new dot art domain at GoDaddy is the game changer with the tools you need to get noticed. Here you can offer discounts to get visitors interested and market your latest works.

Have success in your art business, offer your artwork in a powerful way with the eCommerce tools that GoDaddy has available for you.

Domains names are available at a low price of $17.99 per year. If you run into issues  GoDaddy support team is there to assist 24/7.

GoDaddy keeps your art business organized and helps it reach new heights as an artist.